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About Diamonds

All the things to know when diamonds are in your future.

The Aether Diamond

Certified by the International Gemological Institute, Aether lab-grown diamonds are held to the same standards and are just as “real” as mined diamonds. Our stones made from air are the rarest you can buy, and their quality is among the highest of all diamonds on the planet. Every Aether jewel is made in the U.S. and comes complete with an IGI grading report with a unique number that details the individual characteristics of your particular diamond.

The Five C’s

Since the dawn of the industry, diamonds have been graded and valued based on The 4 C's: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. As science and technology pave the way for new innovations that allow us to make diamonds without disrupting ecosystems, we think the industry standard could use an update.

Aether's 5th C is completely foundational to the creation of a diamond, yet it's been left out of the equation all together until now: Carbon. The way we source our carbon is what makes our diamonds so special, and perhaps the rarest you can buy...

  • Cut

    Cut is not about shape but about how a rough diamond is sliced to reveal the infinitude within. It refers to a diamond's proportion and precision of its facets—the most important factors for the stone's appearance, creating the sparkling "fire" of optimally-reflected light and brilliance.

  • Color

    Color—or lack thereof—is a primary marker of a highly valuable diamond. The conventional color-grading scale ranges from "colorless" (D) to "light yellow" (Z). We choose only the best, most color-free raw stones to be cut, polished and placed into each of our pieces. 

  • Clarity

    How "clear" a diamond is versus foggy or flawed is what brings us to Clarity. Generally speaking, the fewer unique inclusions or markings a diamond exhibits, the more valuable it is. A diamond that is deemed "flawless" is very rare and completely devoid of any unique inclusions. We use stones of the highest clarity grades for our Commitment jewelry. Above, a glimpse of the difference at 10x magnification. 

  • Carat

    Commonly misunderstood as a diamond's "size" on the surface, carat is the unit of weight used to measure a stone. Each of our jewelry pieces achieve perfect harmony with our diamonds, balancing carat weight with handcrafted design. If you'd like a special or larger stone made just for you, we invite you to create a Custom piece.

  • Carbon

    All diamonds are made from carbon, but they are not all made equally. Mined diamonds are extracted at the expense of the planet, and other lab-grown diamond companies still source their carbon from fossil fuels. But the origin of our carbon is what makes our diamonds so distinctly earth-loving. Through first-of-its-kind technology, our carbon is sequestered from air pollution and used to grow real diamonds made from air. 

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