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The Aether Waitlist

We understand that waiting is the hardest part. Our alchemists are working as hard as they can to produce as many of our world-changing diamonds as possible.

For right now, the best way we are able to manage the incredible demand we've received is to operate our sales on a waitlist basis. Here's what that means:

When you find your perfect piece of jewelry on our site, simply click the “Join Waitlist” button on that product page to add it to your cart and check out. Everything will be displayed at a price of $0 for now, but the standard pricing is shown in both the product description on the page and in the details in the link at the bottom of the screen. You’ll receive an order confirmation with your item details, and you will be added to our waitlist for order fulfillment.

We will keep you updated via email on our progress and where you are on our list. As we’re able to produce more diamonds and complete more orders, we will send out notifications to our customers to let them know how we’re progressing. For right now, we’re estimating a minimum of 12 weeks from joining the waitlist to when you’ll be able to receive your jewelry.

When it is time for your diamonds to be created, we will send you a notification with an invoice that can be paid in full on our site. Once we send this notification out, you’ll have two weeks to make payment before we move on to the next customer on our waitlist. After you complete payment, our artisans and jewelers will cut your diamonds and handcraft your jewelry. You can expect to receive your jewelry in approximately 4 weeks from the date of payment.

As one of the first people in the world to ever own a diamond made from air, you will become part of a special community of planet-loving sustainability champions. It’s a distinction you can be incredibly proud of, and one which we take seriously. All of our waitlist customers will be included on our VIP list, and you’ll receive exclusive first access to future jewelry collections, new product innovations, environmental support programs, and members-only events such as red carpet parties, celebrity meet-and-greets, and fireside chats with our founders. You’ll even have the opportunity to influence the designs of future Aether jewelry pieces.

Once you receive your jewelry, we would love it if you could share your pictures with us. It means so much that you’re joining the Aether community, and sharing your moments of love, surprise, joy, and excitement throughout the rest of the Aetherverse is nothing short of a privilege for us.

Thank you for believing in our company and our mission. Together, we can make the world more beautiful one diamond at a time. After all, the future is a luxury…

The future is a luxury

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