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Diamonds from thin air

Aether lab grown diamonds are created with 100% atmospheric carbon.


Step 1:

CO2 is Captured from the Air

Direct air capture technology is used to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, setting our proprietary diamond production process into beautiful motion.


Step 2:

Hydrocarbon Synthesis

The captured CO2 is then synthesized into the hydrocarbon feedstock required for growing diamonds in a chemical vapor deposition reactor. Regular lab grown diamonds use fossil fuels that are extracted from the ground. We are proud to be the first company in the world to offer diamonds created from carbon that doesn't come from the ground.


Step 3:

Diamond Growth

Our hydrocarbon raw material is fed into specialized chemical vapor deposition reactors that are powered by 100% clean energy. Over the next few weeks, diamond crystals grow one ambitious atom at a time.


Step 4:

Finishing Touches

Once the diamond crystals are fully formed, they are then sent to our expert craftspeople to cut, polish, and set them into your next piece of jewelry.

  • Aether Diamonds air particles
  • Aether Diamond - Raw Carbon
  • Aether Diamonds - Pile of diamonds
  • Aether Diamonds - Diamond Glowing

The Vision

Creating the world's first positive-impact diamonds is just the beginning. For every carat sold we reinvest 10% of revenue back into the direct air capture industry and other frontier climate projects and technologies.

A whole new paradigm

  • No Dirty Energy

    Our diamonds require only half the energy use of mined diamonds, and ours is all sourced from sustainable energy providers instead of fossil fuels.

    Better Diamond Initiative

    Aether Diamonds - Universe Cosmos
  • No Water Wasted

    Our process saves 127 gallons of fresh water typically used per mined carat. Additionally, we spare billions of gallons annually from acidic run-off from mines.

    Better Diamond Initiative

    Aether Diamonds - Planet
  • No Earth Uprooted

    We keep it all above-ground, in stark contrast to the up to 250 tons of earth — and in effect, entire ecosystems — that are removed per mined diamond.

    United States Geological Survey

  • No Conflicts Funded

    It's estimated that at least 60% of mined diamonds sold in the U.S. have problematic ties to military governments and corruption. Aether is 100% conflict-free and always makes decisions with the wellbeing of life on earth in mind.

    Yale School of the Environment

    Aether Diamond orchid flower
  • Cleaner Air

    While Aether lab grown diamonds remove carbon dioxide from the air and clean up the atmosphere, mined diamonds create 143 lbs of emissions per carat.

    Better Diamond Initiative

    Aether Hand reaching out
  • All-Human Loving

    Buying an Aether lab grown diamond means you can be sure your money will never support any form of child labor, unfair or unhealthy working conditions, displacement of indigenous communities or depletion of natural resources.  

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