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  1. Aether

    Delivery times and COVID-19 updates

    Due to evolving global circumstances paired with the custom production of our exceptionally rare diamonds, our process takes a bit of time. Please expect approximately 8 weeks from when you place your order to when it will ship. Some orders may experience delivery delays. But don't worry, our pieces are worth the wait. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship orders outside of the United States at this time. We will keep our SHIPPING page updated with the latest information about our processing times as the situation shifts. For more details on shipping, please see our Care page.

    How do I learn more about your diamonds?

    The best way to dive into the Aether is to visit our Story page, which tells you everything you'd ever want to know about our diamonds and our unique process for creating them. You can also follow us on social media @aetherdiamonds, and if you’re still craving more information, we recommend taking a stroll through our Journal and Press sections.

    Are your diamonds really made from air?

    Absolutely. That's what makes them some of the r-air-est diamonds you can buy. And we're proud to be the world's first to produce gemstone quality diamonds from air. Read more about how we create our diamonds on our Story page, but long story short: all of our diamonds are made by extracting excess carbon dioxide (read: harmful air pollution) from the atmosphere, then creating the optimal environment for them to grow in fancy reactors.

    Are your diamonds really carbon-negative? 

    They really are. Our proprietary technology allows us to pull pollution straight out of the earth’s atmosphere in the form of CO2 and convert it into real diamonds. Every single diamond we create is itself carbon-negative. What's more, for every 1 carat diamond we sell, we commit to removing 20 metric tonnes of air pollution from the atmosphere via our combined air capture and carbon sequestration efforts. The energy used to power our creations is from sustainable sources, and we offset every ounce of carbon impact from shipping and logistics with additional carbon credits. All of our packaging is sustainably sourced, with components made of biodegradable, reclaimed post-consumer waste, recyclable, and/or renewable materials. We are the world's first carbon-negative diamonds™ and the only truly sustainable diamonds you can buy.

    How do your diamonds help improve the environment?

    Every single Aether diamond helps to clean up the atmosphere. For every 1 carat diamond we sell, we commit to removing 20 metric tonnes of CO2 from the air — enough of an impact to offset the average American's carbon footprint for about 1.25 years! In addition to our stones being carbon-negative, we are putting all the pieces in place to become a fully independently carbon-negative operation by 2023. In ten years, our goal is to have pulled 100 million tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Every time you purchase an Aether diamond, you’re ensuring that one fewer mined diamond is sold, saving the planet from a tremendous amount of environmental, social and ecological damage. Learn more about our environmental impact on our Story page.

    Are your diamonds real diamonds?

    Yes. Our diamonds are 100% as real as mined/naturally-occurring diamonds. While our diamonds are incredibly unique because they’re made from air, they are still certified and real lab-grown diamonds. All lab-grown diamonds are atomically and chemically identical to mined diamonds — the only difference is that the carbon in our stones is from the most ethical source possible and reduces pollution. You likely already know that mined diamonds wreak havoc on the planet. But did you know that all other lab-grown diamond companies still source their carbon through planet-harming means? The carbon to grow a diamond has to come from somewhere, and for all other lab-grown diamonds it’s derived from fossil fuels, often acquired through drilling and fracking.

    Why do you use Fairmined gold? Isn't recycled gold more responsible?

    Fairmined is the world's leading assurance label of ethically and responsibly sourced gold. As we look at the jewelry industry as a whole, there are so many important factors to our mission of sustainability, and our choice of metal in which we set our diamonds can be just as critical as the stones themselves.

    The Fairmined standard is backed by a rigorous 3rd party audit system that ensures that artisanal and small-scale mining organizations meet the world leading responsible practices. It’s incredibly important that we partner with the organizations and people who have the best interest of the planet and humankind in mind. Together with Fairmined, we’re ushering forward a new future of the highest integrity in the world of jewelry.

    Why not “recycled” gold? Well, recycled gold could be dirty or conflict gold, because there’s really no standard for where it is sourced and no standard definition for using the term “recycled.” It doesn’t deter reckless mining operations and is used more as a greenwashing marketing term than anything else.

    Imagine this scenario: a jeweler is at a work bench, crafting a ring with gold that came from a dirty mine that has horrible work and safety practices and a disastrous environmental impact. That jeweler will have some of that gold left over from crafting the ring. That valuable excess isn’t wasted, and is instead used in the next piece of jewelry they create. And that excess, which came straight from a dirty mine, is labeled “recycled” because it’s being used again for a new piece of jewelry. And unfortunately this is the primary practice for most of the gold in the market with this label. While we would like to think that recycled gold is made from other jewelry that has been melted down to create new, that’s a very small portion of the market.

    Read more at the link HERE to learn all of the details about why “recycled” gold isn’t what you think it may be.

    Is your packaging sustainably sourced and eco-friendly?

    Diamonds aren’t the only item we’ve developed with a sustainable mindset. We’ve taken a holistic approach to every aspect of our business, and that includes the materials we use in manufacturing our jewelry and our packaging. Every element of our packaging was painstakingly developed to ensure that the method of presentation for our jewelry was just as eco-minded as our diamonds themselves. We use a plant-derived ultrasuede on the exterior of our jewelry boxes, FSC-certified recycled paper structures, and an interior made from sustainable fabric. All of our other packaging materials are made with FSC-certified post-consumer recycled paper. We hope that our customers will keep and reuse their Aether jewelry boxes for a lifetime, but if they don’t, all but the recyclable exterior is biodegradable.

    Your site mentions "radical transparency." Can you tell me more about that?

    We're so glad you asked. The backbone of Aether is our commitment to integrity in everything we do, and a promise of radical transparency to our customers. By radical transparency, we mean that we will always be completely honest, up-front, and straightforward about every part of our business, honoring our vision of building a better future for everyone and the planet. Often the diamond industry is a confusing place with lots of jargon and claims that can be hard to substantiate. We're positioned to change all of that. Our diamonds are 100% guilt-free and 100% real, and we promise to always put your best interests as the buyer first. The world becomes a better place when we all respect and trust each other a little more. And we're here for it.

  2. Buying a Diamond

    So I don't need to worry about conflict diamonds when buying from Aether?

    Worry not. The conflicts come from the mines, not from the air. When you buy a diamond from Aether, there’s no risk of supporting corrupt governments or unfair working conditions. Despite the often touted "conflict-free" labels, mined diamonds can have other types of conflict besides labor practices, including impact to surrounding communities and ecologies, severe environmental consequences, and funding of governmental regimes. We are here to help shape a radically different reality for the diamond industry. All Aether diamonds are grown in the USA, and we donate a portion of profits to organizations and efforts working to combat corrupt government ties to diamonds and heal the communities negatively affected by the mining industry.

    Your diamonds are certified as vegan? Tell me more about that.

    Yes, we're proud to be the world's first diamonds ever to be certified vegan, and we've been granted this distinction by, the most trusted and best-recognized vegan certification in North America. Since we create lab-grown diamonds from air, the carbon we use for our diamonds comes from CO2 air pollution. Because of this, we actually leave the planet better than before. In comparison, all mined diamonds destroy ecosystems and wildlife habitats, and all other lab-grown diamonds are reliant on fossil fuels as their source of carbon. Fossil fuel dependency means supporting drilling and fracking and the environmental/wildlife destruction associated with it. We're the only diamonds on the market that use carbon from the atmosphere and sustainably-sourced green energy to create a healthier planet for humans and animal life of all kinds.

    Diamonds aren’t the only item we’ve developed with a sustainable mindset. We’ve taken a holistic approach to every aspect of our business, and that includes the materials we use in manufacturing our jewelry and our packaging. Every element of our packaging was painstakingly developed to ensure that the method of presentation for our jewelry was just as eco-minded as our diamonds themselves. We use a plant-derived ultrasuede on the exterior of our jewelry boxes, FSC-certified recycled paper structures, and an interior made from sustainable fabric. We hope that our customers will keep and reuse their Aether jewelry boxes for a lifetime, but if they don’t, all but the recyclable exterior is biodegradable.

    What should I consider when purchasing a diamond?

    First thing's first: take a deep breath. Shopping for a diamond should be fun and exciting, not stressful or anxiety-inducing. Our goal is to make sure you feel as informed as possible when making such an important call. The best place to start is on our About Diamonds page, and then our Journal if you’re looking for even more juicy information. The biggest factors to consider when buying a diamond have traditionally been the 4 C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. But we cannot stress enough how valuable it is to consider what we call "the 5th C": Carbon. That’s because the source of the carbon that made the diamond is just as important as the stone’s observable characteristics. As humanity evolves and buyers become even more attuned to the ethical factors of their purchase decisions, that 5th C is going to make a world of difference in feeling confident about your choice to pick a diamond that honors your love for your person and the planet.

    How do you price your diamonds?

    You'll find that our pricing is incredibly unique to the industry. Because we create our own diamonds from air, we have the ability to set standard pricing for our jewelry pieces without having the prices fluctuate depending on the individual characteristics of the diamonds set in them. That means that we will guarantee you a minimum size and quality of your diamond, without increasing the price if the diamond we send you happens to be even better than our already high standard.

    Do your diamonds come with a certificate?

    Yes. Aether diamonds are as real as they get, and come with a certificate and grading report from the International Gemological Institute (IGI) — the world's largest independent laboratory for testing and grading gemstones and fine jewelry.

    Is 3 months’ salary really the rule for how much to spend on an engagement ring?

    Since we're in the business of breaking old conventions, we'll go ahead and tell you the truth that the 3 months’ salary guideline was totally made up by the mined diamond industry. The only rules you should follow are the ones in your heart, as there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how much to spend on an engagement ring.

  3. Purchasing from Our Site

    Do you guarantee diamond sizes for each of your jewelry pieces?

    We absolutely do, and that’s a promise we take very seriously. We've standardized the diamond sizes on each of our product pages to allow us to meet the high demand we have already seen for our jewelry. We guarantee each diamond size you see listed in our products is the minimum stone size you can expect. And all of our diamonds are minimum H color and VS2 clarity. For instance, if you purchase a ring with a 1 carat diamond, you will receive a stone that may have better color and clarity than our standard, and that is at least 1 carat, perhaps slightly larger, depending on the design (and your luck!).

    What if I need extra help with my purchase, or have a custom design request?

    We love to make dreams real. Whether you’re interested in creating a custom piece, or you’re just looking for a friendly voice to walk you through our available collections, our concierge and customer care team are happy to answer all your questions. The best way to reach out to us is via email at

    Can I purchase a diamond that is larger than what is listed on the product pages?

    Yes. We welcome your big ideas and would be happy to grow a custom-sized diamond just for you. Reaching out to is the first step to breathing life into your special stone.

    Can I buy loose diamonds from Aether?

    As of now, we are unable to directly sell loose diamonds due to the overwhelming early demand for our jewelry. Because of their uniqueness and rarity, our diamonds take a bit more time to create. As we increase our production capacity, we will eventually be able to sell loose diamonds directly to our customers and to other jewelers who are looking for stones from a better source.

    Do you offer gift cards?

    Yes we do. We find that gift cards are the perfect way to show some love while allowing the recipient to choose their own adventure. Visit our Gift Card page to purchase a digital card. We highly recommend you forward the emailed card to your special someone, which helps to reduce your environmental impact. Please also note that gift card purchases are non-refundable.

    Do you offer financing and payment plans?

    We don’t offer any financing plans directly, but we do partner with Affirm as a flexible financing source. To learn more, or to see if you qualify, click on the "Affirm" link at checkout or go to

  4. Additional Services + Product Care

    Do you offer repair services?

    We would be happy to repair your Aether jewelry if it has been damaged. Please note that our warranty policy only covers manufacturing defects. To initiate a repair, please email so we may provide you with our repair form and the address to send in the piece. Once we receive the item and make an assessment, our customer care team will send you a free estimate for the cost of the repair. At this time, we can only accept shipments from the U.S.

    Do you offer ring resizing?

    We offer complimentary ring resizing for some purchases that were delivered within 30 days of the request. However, because our jewelry has such intricate designs on the interior of the band and with our Aether mark on the bottom of the ring, certain items cannot be resized. Please read the Details on each product page to know if the item you're looking at cannot be resized. We recommend that you download and use our complimentary ring sizer on any of our product pages if you don't know your ring size. We are also happy to chat with you personally to ensure your measurements can be as accurate as possible prior to purchasing your Aether ring. Just email us at

    Any requests made after 30 days will incur an additional fee for resizing.

    Do you offer insurance?

    While we don’t offer insurance ourselves, we have arranged for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group to offer our customers valuable coverage to help protect their Aether Diamonds purchase. Please refer to the Insurance section on our Care page for more information.

    What’s the best way to care for my Aether jewelry?

    Aether jewels are meant to be loved for a lifetime (and beyond), and properly caring for your pieces will allow them to look and feel as great in the future as they do today. Please refer to our Care page for detailed information on how best to care for and clean your jewelry.

    Do you offer engraving?

    At this time we do not offer engraving, but we will soon. Please note that we cannot return or exchange any Aether jewelry that you have had engraved or modified in any way.

  5. Shipping, Returns, and Warranty

    What is your shipping policy?

    We aim to create and ship your order as soon as humanly possible. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for the latest on lead times and any updates to order fulfillment due to ongoing global circumstances that are out of our control (sigh).

    Can I change the shipping address after I’ve already placed my order?

    We may be able to adjust the shipping address after you have placed your order, however as you can imagine, it all depends on how soon your order was set to ship or if it is already in transit. Please contact us via email at Please note that there may be tax and shipping cost implications for a change of delivery address.

    How do I track my order?

    Registered customers should sign in to access web order status and history. Non-registered customers do not have online access to order status and history. You may request information via email at Please have your order confirmation number at hand so we can respond more quickly and accurately. We will send updates regarding the status of your order, including when your item(s) ship, to the email address you provided when ordering.

    Will my jewelry arrive in a discreet box?

    Absolutely. Whether you're surprising someone special or concerned about package theft, we've thought of every detail. All of our jewelry will be delivered to you in a non-descript shipper box that saves all the fun for the inside...

    Do you offer returns and exchanges?

    We do offer returns and exchanges on a limited basis. Please read through our Warranty & Returns Policy for more information.

    What is your warranty policy?

    All Aether pieces come with a 12-month warranty for manufacturing defects. Please read through our Warranty & Returns Policy for more information.

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