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Diamonds From Thin Air

Crafted using carbon extracted from the atmosphere, each carat positively impacts our climate.

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Introducing the future of fine jewelry, designed for humans and the planet. We create the world's first positive impact and truly sustainable diamonds, hand set in responsibly-sourced metals.
  • Love the future

    Each Aether piece defines the highest standards for responsible social and environmental practices while making a positive impact: no hazardous working conditions or unfair wages, no conflicts funded, no earth uprooted, and a negative carbon impact.

    Our Story

  • Brilliance reinvented

    Our planet makes incredible diamonds, unfortunately there is no way to extract them without causing irreparable damage. Aether diamonds are physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds, with our reactors mimicking Earth's natural process in mere weeks. Unlike other lab grown diamonds that are made from petroleum-based raw materials, our diamonds are crafted from excess carbon in the atmosphere that would otherwise contribute to global warming. 


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