Aether Diamonds

Photo: Rich Dieckhoff

Professional Jeweller

American jewellery company Aether claims to have made the world’s first carbon-negative diamonds, using polluted air in an innovative and sustainable new method.

Aether converts excess carbon dioxide or air pollution in the atmosphere into precious stones.

The company will launch its first batch of lab-grown, carbon-negative diamonds in a new jewellery line.

It revealed in a statement that the new collection will be available via its website from next month.

Ryan Shearman, CEO of Aether, commented: “Amid global climate change and all of the other challenges 2020 has brought with it, we believe there is currently great opportunity for [people] to step in and help shape the future.

“Now more than ever, forces for true and lasting change are coalescing to transform our world into one where massive positive advancements for humanity and the planet are truly possible.

“Aether is proud to be a part of that change for good as the creator of the world’s first gem quality diamonds from air.

“We’re committed to the unprecedented modern alchemy of turning air pollution into precious stones, and committed to serving as a beacon for integrity and transparency in the diamond industry, where so many others have fallen short on that promise to consumers.”