Aether Diamonds

The world's only positive-impact diamonds are now also the first ever to be certified as vegan.

We are excited to announce that we're the first company in the world to receive a vegan certification for our diamonds.  The certification was granted in April by Vegan Action (, which is one of the leading vegan certification organizations in the world.  Vegan Action has over 20 years in operation and is the most trusted and best-recognized vegan logo in North America.

We're proud to be a company of firsts. The world's first positive-impact diamonds. The first diamonds ever made from air. The first diamonds to remove harmful pollution from the atmosphere.  And now the world's first certified vegan diamonds.  We've introduced an industry changing concept with Aether that will define the future of fine jewelry.

Since our launch last year, we have made a point of educating consumers about the differences between our diamonds and other diamonds on the market.  Aether diamonds are made using sustainably-sourced energy and carbon sourced from air pollution to create our gemstones.  This results in a positive impact to the environment, leaving the planet in a better condition than before our Aether diamonds were created.  In comparison, all mined diamonds destroy ecosystems and wildlife habitats, and all other lab-grown diamonds on the market are reliant on fossil fuels as their source of carbon.  Fossil fuel dependency means supporting drilling and fracking, and furthering the environmental and wildlife destruction associated with it.  Aether's are the only available diamonds in the world that help reverse the historical damage done to ecosystems and the environment by the diamond industry.

We entered the fine jewelry market with an ambitious vision. One that brings integrity and new moral standards to a space that has been historically riddled with broad and confusing claims about sustainability and ethical practices. With our multiple 3rd party validations and our recent vegan status, Aether aims to cut through the typical greenwashing in the marketplace and lead the diamond industry into a better future where both customers and the planet can benefit.