Aether Diamonds

It’s a joyous thing for the team here at Aether to have the privilege of being even a small part of the wonderous expressions of love that are shared through our jewelry pieces and our one-of-a-kind diamonds. We love love, in all its forms. And in every true expression of love there is also the act of giving of oneself, of pledging, of making a vow either great or small to the recipient of that love.  It’s an investment in that relationship and a promise for both the present and the future.  It’s a commitment.

We whole heartedly embrace the word “commitment” because it’s so multi-faceted.  Commitment encompasses both the specific and the broad, the now and the later, the great and the small.  In a world where everything can often feel uncertain and as if the ground beneath one’s feet is too frequently shifting, commitment is our anchor and our lifeline to someone or something which holds the promise of being steadfast, reliable, and dependable.  Commitment can be practical, but at the same time endlessly romantic and beautiful.  It not only spans from the wonderful moments of first getting to know someone, to the proposal of marriage, to the wedding day, but it also simultaneously represents the shared journey up until now and the road still ahead to be traveled together.

Historically, the diamond industry has often focused on the terms “engagement,” “wedding,” and “bridal” when referring to the jewelry pieces meant to be a part of the union of two humans. Those terms can make sense for a lot of people, but not for everyone. And often, those of us who don’t align with the status quo, or who like to bend (or even break) convention, feel as if their unique ways of expressing love aren’t understood so well. That’s why we like to use the term “commitment.” Commitment is defined on your own terms, and doesn’t need a formal or conventional label.  It can refer to a marriage just as easily as a civil union, or a decades-later renewal of vows, or a spiritual ceremony, or marrying yourself, or even simply making a vow to the future you.  The possibilities are endless, and yet they all have a positive thrust in some way. What we love most is that it always means committing to building a better future.

But what if that better future didn’t just focus on a personal relationship alone, but the world you live in? And even committing to building a better planet – our only planet – in which your love and the love of others can flourish and grow.  A broader love… a BIG love.  When purchasing a jewelry piece from Aether, you’re not just making a commitment to the recipient of that item, but you’re aligning yourself with a movement that is devotedly focused on how we can bring that big love into the world every day.  

We’re excited to be on a journey together with you as we commit to a better future… in every way.