Aether Diamonds

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Professional Jeweller

, 2021

Aether, a lab-grown diamond manufacturer, has added former Tiffany & Co senior vice president Pamela Cloud to its advisory board.

Aether made headlines last year when it claimed to be the world’s first carbon-negative diamonds, using polluted air in an innovative and sustainable new method of lab-grown diamond manufacture.

Based on this method, the company also calls itself “the most sustainable fine jewelry brand in the world”.

Now it has added a board member bringing over 25 years of experience from world-famous jewellery giant Tiffany & Co.

Cloud has held roles at Tiffany as diverse as watch buyer, beginning in 1994, all the way up to chief merchandising officer and senior vice president, her two most recent roles, which she stepped down from at the end of 2019.

She commented: “It is with great pleasure that I join the team at Aether Diamonds, not just as an advisor, but also as an investor.

“Their ability to create the world’s first diamonds to have a positive environmental impact is remarkable, and combined with their branding and market positioning, I believe they will help to shape the future of how the world views and appreciates diamond jewelry.

“Their vision, mission, and integrity are all things I’m personally proud to align with,”

Meanwhile, the company seemed just as pleased to be working with Cloud. Ryan Shearman, co-founder and CEO of Aether, added: “Pam is one of the best in the industry at embedding iconic jewelry designs and collections into the DNA of powerhouse brands.

“She has already brought an incredible amount of enthusiasm to her partnership with Aether, and her depth of knowledge and insight will be invaluable as we grow our company and position it for continued success.

“I look forward to having our team benefit from Pam’s experience and guidance, and for all of us to put our collective minds and hearts together to create a better future for the diamond industry and for the planet.”